Sunday, November 29, 2009


Mae and Beck making towers out of tupperware containers
Playing in the sand
Papa gettin some dessert
We were all looking for good Black Friday deals


Whenever one of our grand kids turns 7 we take them to Disneyland and this year it was Cole's turn!
Getting ready to take off
I love Cole in this picture posing like the cowboy
Arriving at Disneyland
Bruce and Cole taking off in their spaceship
Mickey Mouse Hands (can anybody tell me why mickey mouse only has 4 fingers?!)
Getting ready to ride the roller coaster

Wow, Cole and I both looked scared in this one!
Cole wasn't scared at all! haha
Splash Mountain
Cole's face in this one is classic!
The trolly
We bought this car for Cole and are saving it for him until he turns 16! He can't wait to drive this one around town!
Leaving Disneyland :(
On our way back home
EXHAUSTED! It was a fun trip!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Family and Motorcycles

The family
Motorcyclin' in the rain

Nova Scotia
Hard core Harley Boys

Josh and his newly pimped out bike

Handsome boys!

Bruce and Bear